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The solar stations IDROSOLAR allow pumping water from a well with complete autonomy and can be easily installed anywhere there is a good solar radiation. Using the sunlight, they can produce the energy required to run the electric pump. The number of revolutions of the pump is continuously adapted to available radiation, thus maximizing the flow of the water pumped. (MPPT function: Maximum Power Point Tracking). When radiation levels increase so do the revolutions of the pump and, consequently, the flow rises. When the radiation decreases, (clouds passing by or different times of the day) the revolutions of the pump get lower and thus its flow. However, the system continues to supply water until the radiation falls below the minimum necessary operation point. In addition, the system is completely protected against overvoltage, over current and lack of water.


  • To pump water from boreholes;
  • Irrigation.


  • up to 2400 l/min


  • up to 383 m


  • from 0,75 KW to 30 KW

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Photovoltaic pumping stations IDROSOLAR